Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Not just for parties...

Banners aren't just for parties!  After Erin from The Vintage Pearl posted a list of gifts for her new baby Eden on her blog, a customer requested name banners for her daughters' rooms. Here is baby Eden's banner:

The mom who ordered the banners was a new Etsyer (oh no...her husband may hate me!) and after setting up an account, she purchased a design fee from my shop and we got to work.  She wanted the banners to say her daughters' first and middle names in a shabby chic kind of look in pinks, greens, and creams.  After a few shopping trips, paper changes, and font tweaking, we had just what she was looking for!  Here is how they turned out:

A little more sophisticated for 6 year old Ella Caroline...

...and a little more youthful for 18 month old Lillie Isabelle.

I think they'll look a little cuter on Ella's pink walls and Lillie's cream walls than my blue ones!

If you'd like your own name banner in these papers, they are available here in my shop.  I can also help you design your very own custom banner to match your child's room from babies to teens in whatever color scheme or look you're going for.  Contact me if you have questions!

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