Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Another Avery...

Mrs. Monson comes very close to celebrity status at our house. She is my kids' preschool teacher...T had her for two years and Avery has her now. We're really hoping she can hold out for 6 straight years of Newman kids.

Last year Mrs. Monson had a baby. It just so happened she named that baby Avery. Both Tate and Avery are pretty convinced it is because of our Ave...and I just let them believe it. It kind of puts her in my celebrity category too. She's so nice, understands and loves my kids, is a teacher, and names her baby one of my fave names in the could I refuse when she asked if I could squeeze her bday party into my schedule??

Little Avery Monson turned one mid are a few pics of her party and "A little birdie told me..."partyware:

Thanks for the pics, Emily, (contrary to the kids belief she does have a real first name besides Mrs.) and happy birthday Avery!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Better late than never?

My rule is to send invitations out exactly a month to the day before each party. So let me say I am NOT proud I am sending the last of Avery's invitations out today. Yes, the party is Saturday. Again, the state of affairs around here! Everyone does KNOW about the party, they just haven't received their formal invitation.

The funny part is I designed these invitations right when we got our professional pics back from our lovely photographer Kristi in October. So really no excuses to why they couldn't have been out. Oh we go, your first sneak peak at Avery's "Oh how she's grown..." flower party...

I have had lots of practice doing this theme this year...I bought the paper last February when Avery said she loved it and I keep ordering more because I keep getting requests for this theme. I did find some new paper for Ave's birthday to add to the mix and I was so excited when there was exact fabric designed to match. Can you see a *golden* product in our future? Why yes you can. More later this week!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Dying for a new post?

This summer before I went on vacation I was frantically trying to get posts ready for when I was going to be gone. My mom asked me why I was doing that. She said "No one will die if you don't post for a week." But I didn't believe it. I kind of thought you might die. Or maybe I thought I might. =)

But then this fall hit and it might be a bit of an understatement that I was quite overwhelmed keeping up with it all. I kept repeating to myself "No one will die if I don't blog." Turns out I didn't die and neither did you. I lost a few readers, but I'm okay with that. Hopefully some day they'll come back. I am hoping in the new year to have a little more time to hang out on here since I am cutting way back on business. Hoping to spend some more time with my fam, a little more time sleeping, and a little time learning to play the guitar I got for Christmas. I'm hoping for a little more relaxed 2010...knowing you will be here when I write but won't die if I don't!

This is a little late, but that seems to be just my speed these days...

Avery's birthday party is this weekend. Lots to make...lots to clean...lots to blog! Be back tomorrow!

Monday, December 7, 2009

More on Whooo's turning 2!

Here is more of the party that I posted invitations for a couple weeks ago! I made items for Ellen's cupcake 1st birthday last year. This year her parents fell in love with this dress and decided to do a woodland creatures theme that matched it.

So here are the rest of the goods...a banner, hats, crown, cake topper, and a door sign.

The party was last night...can't wait to hear how it went and see pictures, Cyndy!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

And the winner is...

Congratulations, Raquel! Please email your choice of boy/girl penguin and size to!

Thanks for playing, everyone. Another giveaway coming soon!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

{Get the Goods Giveaway} : *golden*

While I am busy just trying to stay caught up on orders, my friend Rach over at *golden*shop has been busy designing. Majorly designing. She has 16 new holiday designs available on tees and bibs for both boys and girls. I think she'd make you some bloomers to match as well. Ask any one of my clients or friends who have used Rachel and they will tell you the same thing I will...she is THE BEST on Etsy at what she does. A.MAZ.ING.

Check these out...

It gets even better...she's shipping these designs in about a week, which pretty much means she is over in her little sweat shop working around the clock like a little elf. And just because she's cool like that she's going to give one away!

Our little penguin friend can be will be made in whatever size you wish and can of course be made in boys colors as well. It will be perfect for the holiday season but last you through the whole winter as well!

There are several ways to enter...leave a comment for each to get multiple entries!

1) Simply leave a comment telling your favorite of Rach's new holiday designs.

2) Become a fan of *golden* on Facebook. You can also leave a comment for an extra entry here if you are already a fan!

3) Become a fan of Polkadots & Pirates on Facebook. Again...already a fan? Leave a comment!

4) Follow Polkadots & Pirates on Twitter.

5) Blog, tweet, or facebook (or all three!) this giveaway!

Deadline to enter is Friday night at midnight. Winner will be chosen and posted on Saturday morning.

I will be making tutus next week to match all *golden* holiday designs if you need a perfect holiday outfit! Check out all the designs up close in Rachel's shop.