Thursday, June 17, 2010

A delayed thank you...

Can we just pretend this is a month ago as planned? Okay...that's my first thank you. Thank you for pretending. =)

Many thanks to everyone who helped made Tracie's shower so lovely. Most of the decor {banner, cupcake toppers, sign, you know, the usual} I made myself, but there a couple other thank yous to send as is the linked list in case you want to get a hold of any of the goods for your own party!

{bib, onesie, and blanket} *golden*
{poms} PomLove
{mini nests, tree tag holders on the food table} beaucoup
{custom birdie stickers} Sticker You
{paper products} Plates & Napkins
{Are You My Mother? used a guest book} Barnes & Noble

I have had two emails about how to make the canvas I made that matched the decor...leave a comment if you want me to do a DIY tutorial on the blog. They can be used for any party theme or even just in your child's room. Tracie saved hers for the baby's room.

Speaking of that baby...
Aubrey Grace Groshens
Born 5/30/10

They are all adjusting wonderfully and are such a cute little fam.
Mom is already back in her skinny clothes. Puke me.

Excuse me...what I meant to say is that I am so happy for her! =)

And in other news, school's finally out here, which means I am free to roam about the country and blog as I wish!


{:miss v:} said...

I'd love to see how you made the canvas! So cute!

Kim @ Frost Me! said...

still my favorite bird design! Love it!

Kim @
party inspiration

Ann said...

hi that is one cute bebe! yes a DYI on the canvas would be awesome. thank you.

My Daily Circus said...

ahhh congrats Tracie!!! you and baby look awesome and I am a tad jealous about the back in the skinny clothes!!!

Megan said...

so cute. yes please on the DIY for the canvas.

Jennifer said...

I would love to see the canvas tutorial! I LOVE your blog!!!

Sophia's Mom said...

Very cute! Please post a DIY of the canvas. I'd love to try it.

ksoet said...

Would LOVE to watch you make that cute canvas! Can't wait to make my own!!!!