Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Local Order

This order came from my brother-in-law's coworker who had a daughter turning 4. It was the first time that someone came to my house to pick their order up, which was kind of different. It was fun to meet the person that I had been communicating with...I wish I could meet all the families I make banners for!

About 20 minutes after she left my house the phone rang and her number was showing up on caller ID. I started to panic...did I put the wrong age on the banner? The wrong name? Did it fall apart? I didn't even know whether to answer or let it go to voice mail. I did end up answering and was so glad I did. She was only calling to tell me how everything had completely exceeded her expectations. Whew!

Love these colors together, don't you? Makes me think spring!Now if only the spring temperatures would come...this 0 degree weather is getting really old. I have to keep reminding myself only 3 more days until I will be in sunny (or I guess predicted to be rainy) LA!

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Spare Time Designs (Tammy) said...

LA!!!! Lucky! Love the colors totally easter!