Monday, February 23, 2009

Tate's Pirate Parrrrrrrrrrty!

Well, people, Tate successfully turned 5 this weekend...arrrrrrrre you ready for the pics? It is amazing to me that 5 years ago when he was born he was the ONLY kid to speak of. This weekend there were 10 kids at the party! Tate was the oldest at 5 and my friend Leah's little Wyatt (remember my "babycakes" shower? He's little babycakes!!) was the youngest at 2 much fun.

After over a year of wishing for this party, Tate couldn't have been more excited about all the decorations...he's kind of into small it was fun to do it for him. I may be adding a few more decor pics after I get my mom's pictures since she had a bunch she took on her camera as well.

As always, I enlisted my friend Rach from *golden* to make the party even better. This time she made my life so much easier by granting my wish for pirate scarves and eye patches for the kids to wear and take home as their favors. No hat making for me this time around!! She said she had fun making them and may be selling them in her shop if you're interested. Thanks Rach!

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Deidra Brown said...

Where did you get all of the supplies from! I am so glad that you posted this because I am having a pirate party for my soon to be 3 year old son! I would like to place an order for items. I really like the red plates where did you get them from?