Friday, February 20, 2009

Polka Dots and Pirates...Literally...

Okay people...I know that two posts in a week and a half is annoying. But I swear I have a good excuse! A bunch of them computer is still broken so it is annoyingly hard to get pics off that computer...I am being pelted by orders both from Etsy and locally...and the biggest reason for my absence is that today was my 30th birthday and my son Tate's 5th birthday, so lots of preparations.

Here are a few polka dots thanks to my hubs, kids, and my sister Rach...and a sneak peak of Tate's parrrrrrrrrrrty tomorrow....I mean, really. We have only been talking about this party for over a year. It is the reason that my shop is called what it is! I have to admit that pirates are not the favorite theme I have ever done, but it makes him so happy its hard not to get caught up in the fun of it.

On another quick side note...Eric and I have been talking a lot about how my reader base for this blog is growing. With the recent business boost and direction I am going with my shop, I have decided that this blog needs a little facelift in order to make it a bit more professional. That's why my profile has disappeared and Shannon's name is under mine...she is going to be making over my blog in March.

Eric and I also decided that I am no longer going to post about my kids here (except for bday photos to show business related gear, of course!) to protect their privacy a bit. I mean, let's be honest, you'll probably see them from time to time, but I won't bore you with our cookies any more! :) If you happen to LIKE to read about my family, I started a new family blog today. Bookmark it if you want to keep up with the Newmans. I am going to take the link down on Monday night. If you are reading this after Monday night and want the link, email me and I will get it to you.

Lots of party pics after the weekend! I hope to return to my more regular posting schedule next week.


Hannah S said...

Great idea to keep the separate blogs. Are you going to make it private? Can't wait to see the pirate line!

Carter's mom said...

Jess, I completely understand, but I have to read TWO blogs now? :) Ha ha.

Your family site is bookmarked I love to see the fun stuff you do with your kids and gives me ideas for when Carter is older.