Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you all had as good of a Thanksgiving weekend as I did. I kicked off the long weekend last Wednesday by being at the hospital with my sister, her husband, and my mom as my niece came into the world. In the days following there was of course lots of turkey and time spent with family.

I made my own little turkeys some hats to wear for our celebration here at my house on Saturday. I asked each of them what they were thankful for and wrote down the first thing they said...

I had to give Beckett 5 choices because he didn't quite get it...but of course he picked surprise there.

Avery immediately answered cookie dough, which made me giggle but its so true. That girl has a little too much of her mama in her. Poor thing.

Tate said his family...he has such a sweet heart and is growing up so much.

We guessed milk for 2 day old Finley. When my sis gave her some she sure seemed thankful.

My nephew Jacks immediately said "baseballs" on the day I made the hats. By the time we wore them this weekend, he said "Jess, I am thankful for HANDS, not baseballs. HANDS." Okay Jack, whatever you say! =)

Hope you had a fabulous weekend and took time to remember all of the blessings, big and small that we have each day.


Hunter and Hailey's mom said...

Those have got to be the cutest turkey hats I have ever seen!!! Adorable!!! & congrats on the new niece!

Sweetly Sweet said...

I just love those hats and Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

I just posted my daughter's birthday party... please take a look at it!

Sweetly Sweet Cupcake Party

Jodee Leader said...

Love the turkey hats!

Spare Time Designs (Tammy) said...

love that!

*golden* shop said...

This is too cute beyond WORDS!! I got teary eyed just reading this! I am cracking up at Jacks!! And I am so happy you guys have a new member of the family, little Fin is going to be S-P-O-I-L-E-D!! Lucky girl!! xoxo

PS - GMTA, did you see my LAME excuse for turkeys on FB? Of course yours are WAY better, but still, GMTA,baby!