Monday, January 26, 2009

Ellen's Cupcake Party

Some of you have asked why I can keep blogging about custom parties if I am no longer doing them. Well, a couple of reasons.

1) I haven't even finished blogging about all of the parties I did in November before I stopped doing customs.

2) I didn't completely stop doing custom orders, but now I am doing it just mainly for people I know. AND a couple other projects to come (big ones...wink, wink).

SO...that said, here is a cupcake party I did for a friend of a friend in December. Cyndy, Ellen's mom, was pretty open to anything, but she was having red velvet cupcakes at the party and said that maybe that could be the basis for her theme. Here is the outcome:

**The Invitations**
**The Banner****The Crown and Hats**
**The Cupcake Toppers**
**The Door Sign**
**The Thank Yous**

It seemed as though I had "one" happy client in the end...
Thanks Kel, for sending them my way!

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