Monday, September 27, 2010

Beckett and Jack's Monster Bash

Today is my son Beckett's 3rd birthday. We actually celebrated over a month ago with his cousin Jackson. Jack's birthday is at the beginning of August and Beckett's at the end of September, but since all our family comes to town we thought we'd save them an extra trip and celebrate together somewhere in the middle. It worked great that I could get the celebration done before school started, too.

But then school started and I never got it on the blog! So in honor of his real birthday today, I figured I better get it done!


My sister Rach and I decided on a theme around Christmas last year when Beckett and Jack really started playing well together...and together they can be little monsters. I also love Ugly Dolls, which Beckett calls "his little monster", and one of our favorite books also features monsters, so monsters it was!

I found the perfect paper and drew some similar images on my computer to match and created the invitations from there.


Of course I enlisted the help of my friend Rachel at *golden* to make the boys some shirts, which NEVER once disappoint. Ever.



We had the party at my sister and B-I-L's house. Of course guests were greeted with a door sign, but this year thanks to my sister Kara, we kicked it up a I don't know if we'll be able to go without sidewalk chalk greetings as well!



We found the perfect place to set up the party goods at R & B's house as well. We just cleared off their buffet, covered the large picture that hung above it with coordinating fabric, and set our goods out on display!


Two of those inspirations I mentioned were on out on diplay...the Ugly Dolls, and copies of the book Tickle Monster, which also doubled as guests books.



While we were waiting for people to get there, I snapped this pic of my brother in law Brad trying to keep the kids calm while Rach and I finished up the it!


To keep the kiddos occupied during the party, I also had two activity buckets ready to go. One was "Doodle Monsters" where kids could use monster stickers, markers, etc to draw a monster picture. The other was "Monster on a Stick" where kids made monster puppets with various art supplies. Their favorites were of course googly eyes. Who doesn't love a nice pair of those babies {or three?!}?


For afternoon snacking we had some candy and these PERFECTO cookies with fondant toppers from Two Sugar Babies, who are all the rage in the party world these days. Beckett carried a set of 4 of these fondant toppers around in wax paper for days ahead of time, showing everyone who came to our house. I was glad they didn't come earlier or they would have all been a little more "looked at" than I would have liked!


Everyone had a good time both eating AND playing with the monster cookies!



After a crazy round of gift opening {having two kids opening at the same time is WACKO! Good thing we had our two sisters taking notes for us as the paper was flying in every direction!} it was time to eat.


My favorite thing we did as far as dinner was concerned is that we made a "kids table" by keeping the real table legs locked on our folding table and instead using some sturdy totes as legs. It made it the perfect height for the kids to be able to sit right on the floor...I just put down some round placemats as "chairs" and voila! I will definitely do this again...saves on the amount of folding chairs you have to find!


Then it was time for cake. I usually have my BFF make my cakes, but she had a two month old {remember that "tweet" baby Aubrey?} and had foot surgery 10 days prior, so I thought I better give her a break. I asked a friend who has taken cake classes with Tracie to make me a cake...I almost died when I saw it! Beckett could NOT get over it!


We couldn't eat those monsters. They looked too real. Rach kept them on her counter for a week and half just admiring them. Nina, you're the best!


Instead of regular hats I made monster hats just for fun. They were also a hit. A sister pic with hats on has become tradition as well...


I love this one...


All in all, a great day. The kids were worn out by the end, so the birthday boys decided to put their new pajamas on that they received as a gift that day...


Don't my older kids do a great job of picking out gifts that fit the theme of the party?! Ha. My favorite part is Beckett's dirty feet!

Happy 3rd birthday, Beckett James! Your family loves you!


staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

What a fun party!! Love the cookies (they make perfect props for silly pictures)!
Great job!

Party Box Design said...

love it all!

Shelley said...

Such a fun and creative party!

Shelley @

Lora Joy said...

Love it all! =) I miss your bloggin! hehe!

Colleen said...

This is one of the cutest you've ever done! I love the bright colors and monsters...too cute! Great job!;)

Keli said...

I found this exact same scrapbook paper for my twin boys' birthday party! I love all the bright colors and your spin on the monster theme. Would you be willing to pass along any of the printables or make them available for purchase?

colleen banman said...

wow such a cute party. every detail is adorable but i must say, you and your sisters are my favourite part, you girls are too fun. I have 4 daughters so i have high hopes for lots of fun times for them:)


Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone had a lot of fun! Adorable designs, cool ideas!

deb said...

Really adorable!! I love how your daughter is wearing polka dots. :) The monster theme is soo cute. Those fondant toppers make such a statement. I'll have to keep them in mind for my kids. I'd love to work with you if you're ever interested in being a "guest designer" using some of our wood letters and numbers for parties. I'm going to e-mail you to see what you think.

Piggy Bank Parties said...

You're such a talent! This is a one-eyed wonder!

LaLa Petites said...

This would be such a cute idea for my monster twins for next year!! thanks so much for the idea!!! i LOVE it!!

alex and renee said...

I just love this party! Too cute! I would love to feature it on my blog - but thought I should check first....

Jess said...

Thanks everyone for the nice comments! Alex and Renee...of course you can repost!

alex and renee said...

Thanks Jess - finally posted it tonight! Thanks for sharing :)

DGBofTTFT said...

I love monsters and I love this party! Super duper cute!!!

Amy Ro. said...

This is totally adorable! I wanted a monster theme for my little one's 2nd year, this is such great inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

salman said...

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