Wednesday, November 19, 2008

From 0 to 85

Today I have two banners to share. Now usually I am working on a kids birthday party, which I love to do, but I have to say when I get to work on something besides that it is a welcomed change of pace. First, my good friend Patti asked me to make a banner for the 85th birthday party they were throwing her grandma, Evelyn. She said that her grandma loved the color blue, so as long as there was blue in it that it would work perfectly.

So here is my sophisticated blue banner for Grandma Evelyn...Then one of my past clients, Beth, emailed me one night and said that her sister in law was having a baby three days later and she wondered if I could quickly whip something up for her new niece (still nameless at the time...and come to think of it, what did they name her, Beth?). The nursery colors were light pink, sage green, and lilac. I got it done that night and sent it straight to her sister in law with a matching card and personalized message from their family.So if you have an event coming up, remember that I can do more than a two year olds party!

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HipMamaB said...

Baby Layton! BTW - her other daughter is Avery! :-)