Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Paige's Puppy Party & The Pukies

You may have noticed my absence yesterday of my regular blog entry...I was so excited to write it because I had all the pictures from my friend CJ's daughter Paige's party. Unfortunately I was down and out with the stomach flu. I thought yesterday morning I just was feeling literally sick from lack of sleep, but within an hour my body was telling me otherwise. My husband came home for lunch and witnessed me puking and said he'd run back to work to get his computer and come home...does this happen to anyone else? If I would have called him from home he would never have come home, but when he SEEs me actually getting sick, then he feels too guilty...especially when I was babysitting my niece on top of my regular three. Unfortunately, by the time he got home, he too was sick. Can you say roll the movies? We pretty much watched our kids play while laying on the couches feeling like we'd been hit by trucks all afternoon/evening. Today CJ called and the first thing she said was, "You aren't sick, are you?" Apparently at least 6 adults at the party have had the stomach flu in the last 24 hours. Oops. I told my husband that's the last swingers party we ever go to! Just kidding.

Anyway, the party was great. Paige is such a cutie and it is always such a good time when we get together with my college friends. Our kids really like each other, too, which is fun to see. Here are some pics of the birthday girl and her puppy birthday decor...

As I showed you before, her invitations...Framing an invitation is a great way to add to the party decor while spending no money...just put it in a frame you already have! I always steal the same frame from Avery's bedroom for my kids parties. Here CJ framed Paige's invitation and set it next to the inspiration for the party, Paige's favorite puppy, Molly.

The banner...The crownS, yes, plural...it was Paige's Uncle John's birthday, too, and he had to have a crown as well. He was such a good sport he wore it for most of the party. We didn't dare put his age, though, and instead it said "just plain old" :) ...The cake topper...I love that CJ's cake lady used my funky puppy pic on the cake! And that cake was so dang good...I wish I had a piece right now...my appetite just returned looking at it! Tate actually asked for a second piece and Avery, well...as you can see she ate the frosting off the first piece and then asked for more frosting...ha! That girl, I tell ya. She's trouble. And a little like her mother. :)

Of course I can't resist making the gift wrap match the theme, either...
This is my favorite pic of Paige...it is just one of those pics that "looks like her"...you know? How they really are in real life...no cheesy grin for the camera.
I totally missed getting a picture of two of the things I made for the party. The first were some favor bag toppers that actually go right over the top of a ziploc bag. You can kind of see them way in the back of this picture on the table behind Paige to the right. Paige handed out the bags of Puppy Chow to all her guests (after convincing her that she shouldn't keep them all!). I also missed a picture of the door sign. Luckily I had taken a picture of those two things together before I delivered them. Happy 2nd Birthday, Paige! And I hope all your guests are on the pukey mend!

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Carter's mom said...

Awww what a cute party and I am SO stealing that frame the invite as part of the decor idea, thanks!

Carter's big day is Saturday, I hope no party goers get sick!

Hope you are feeling better Jess! Hugs, S