Friday, November 7, 2008


Be sure to check out my Halloween Slideshow/Thanksgiving Give-Away post from earlier today, but I had to share what we woke up to this morning.

I know I said it snowed last weekend, but it was really just white flakes flying around...nothing that stuck once it hit the ground. This is the real thing! Tate, Aves, and my nephew Jack wanted to play so they weren't really having any part of this picture, and as you can see they have already tried to shed their mittens and hats, which is always a battle. But you get the idea.
Brrrrrr.....I hear we're in for more tomorrow.


Rachel said...

I wish I were there playing with you guys :) I'm shocked Jacks is keeping his jacket on - especially when I can't seem to keep a shirt on him most days!!

goldenshoptalk said...

How insane, GMTA! I was just driving around town thinking I should check in with you on the weather! I didn't want to rub it in that I am MISERABLE here is 87 degree weather. I am SICK of it already! I am not even joking! How weird that I am sitting here in a tank and skirt and you guys are all bundled up! Ky is still wearing sundresses in November!! AHH!! Love the pic! Of course the kids are all color coordinated and cute! :)