Monday, November 3, 2008

Quite the Halloween Weekend!

Well, our weekend didn't turn out QUITE as I expected it to. Avery had been sick with the pukies early last week, but the boys seemed to steer clear of it...until late Friday afternoon. While I was on a paper shopping trip Eric called to say Beckett had a 103 degree fever, and by the time I got home Tate did too! We loaded them both up with Tylenol so that they would be smiley enough to at least take a few pictures. They actually felt well enough that we went Trick-or-Treating to just a couple neighbors houses before coming home. Tate starting throwing up at 11 o'clock that night and it lasted through Saturday morning, so we didn't get to make our trip to the farm to TOT at the grandparents' house until Sunday.

Two positives are that I did get a bunch more work done because we stayed at home, so I guess that was a plus, and the weather was BEAUTIFUL here this snow like last weekend and we did not even have to put on jackets for trick-or-treating. It has been quite some time since I can say that!

Here are a few pics of my Peter Pan themed brood from the weekend:Tate, AKA Captain Hook, said as he was laying on the couch with a fever Friday afternoon,"We can't just let Halloween pass by and pretend it didn't happen! We HAVE to go trick-or-treating!" After throwing up on Halloween last year, too, I'm glad he went to at least a couple houses. His preschool teacher told me his costume was the hit of the party.
Avery, AKA TinkerBell, LOVED her costume so much that she has it on again right now as I'm typing this. We sprayed her with an entire can of "Pixie Dust" that isn't really visible in the pictures but was so cute as she sparkled under the street lights on Friday night.This is about the best we could get of Beckett, AKA Peter Pan. He just was feeling awful...but he looked pretty cute anyway!
Every year since Tate was born we have carved the kids' names into a pumpkin with their name on it so we can remember how old they were when they wore each costume. The pictures of them by their pumpkins never do the pumpkins any justice because you can't see how they really look with the flash on. So here's what they looked like glowing on our front steps:
And lastly, I did stop for about an hour after the kids went to bed at my friend Kelley's where she was dressing each girl up in her old formals, but each with a bit of a different theme. She was the southern belle, the cutest costume, of course :)! She made her sister in law into a librarian, my sister into the Phantom of the Opera...and when I arrived a little late they decided to make me into a "Lady of the Evening" for lack of a better term. They said that since I had been mysteriously working late into the night for the last few months that this is the look that must be the answer. I particularly like the make-up and hair she gave me, don't you think? Apparently I'm on drugs as well! Or maybe those big bags I was talking about have just gotten that bad!
Thanks to everyone who has already sent photos for our giveaway. There are some REAL CUTIES!! Keep them coming! You have until Thursday at midnight!


Abby Marie said...

The kids are adorbale! Too bad they were all feeling yucky! We had issues with our Avery also...but we still managed to have some fun. The pictures of you & your girlfriends are hysterical! It's so nice to have friends to have a good laugh with!

Carter's mom said...

I've been waiting, the kids are adorable in their costumes!!!!!! Great job mama, hope everyone is on the mend!

:) Sara