Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Over the past few months I have had lots of requests for things in my POLKADOT COLLECTION, but with minor changes. Most have been color changes, but a few other minor adjustments as well. Even those these aren't technically "custom", I thought they were worth mentioning as well.

This mom wanted cupcake toppers, but just the orange and hot pink, no blue. I came up with new graphics as well, but stuck with the polka dot paper.This mom was ordering some items from the collection, but wanted just a hat instead of the crown for her daughter, but with embellishments similar to that of the crown.This mom wanted pink, brown, and green for her two daughters' birthdays.
This mom wanted to change the colors to hot pink, orange, and turquoise, but otherwise stay with some of the same paper and the same look. I actually LOVE this color combo...kind of wish these were the real colors! :)This last hat isn't technically related to the POLKADOT COLLECTION, but it uses some of the same dotty papers as well as some of the papers used for the circus parties I've done. My friend Judy wanted a special one year old hat for her son Grant's one year pictures.
So there you go, the POLKADOT COLLECTION with a twist!

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