Monday, August 31, 2009

A Baby Surprise...

I know you've seen surprise birthday parties on this blog, but this was a new one. My sister Rachel is pregnant...I just may have mentioned this before...with her second child. When her son Jack was born her friends were spread about the country and never threw a shower for her, so they decided that a small surprise shower would be in order this time around.

I kept asking Rach what she was doing this weekend and she was SO clueless...she was actually throwing her friend Darcy a baby shower at her house on Friday night (pics of that in the coming days!) and was so busy that she never suspected a thing. So Saturday morning Darcy asked her to stop by her house, only to find a baby shower waiting.

They were keeping it low key, but thought Rach deserved a banner for her baby room like she has had made for all of them. Rachel and Brad are going to let the sex of the baby be a surprise as well, but I couldn't help throwing a little pink in there, too, in case this is her last baby. Cross your fingers its a girl or I'll be making a new one. =)


Jodee Leader said...

Your sister looks fabulous! I will think pink for her!

I love your banner too!

Katie said...

She is too cute! Congratulations on being an aunt again!!!