Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Christmas Birthday Banner

Back in November a repeat client of mine decided to order a banner for her daughter whose birthday was very close to Christmas. She said that she wanted it to be reminiscent of Christmas, but still girly. I already had the perfect paper for that! Since her birthday will always be close to Christmas, this mom did not want her daughter Maggie's age to be put on the banner. (Just a note, you CAN just slide the age off the next year or order a replacement card if you wish.)

So with only 3 ribbons actually having letters on them, this is how Maggie's banner turned out:
As my husband and I were staring at it as we usually do after I finish a banner, we decided that we both liked it better than the original layout...though I wasn't sure what to do with the age when the client wanted that included. We just liked the way it was spread out more and had two twirling ribbons.

So after a few adjustments and a few attempts, here is the new customized style for all banners:
So a big thanks to Beth for making me rethink and improve...most of my new products have been sparked by something a client has said or requested, so keep those suggestions coming!

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Carter's mom said...

Ohhh yes I do like the new layout, nice work!