Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hello, Cupcake!

Since I had a snowman themed party I thought I'd share another snowman themed project that we made last week. Have you heard of the book Hello, Cupcake! ? I got it as a gift from my friend on her wedding day for being her personal attendant. It is the CUTEST book...it has everything from holiday cupcakes, to animals, to cupcakes that look like chicken legs, mashed potatoes, and peas. The directions are really easy to follow and it has great tips on making cupcakes in general.Since the kids and I are pretty much shut-ins here with subzero temperatures, I decided we needed to find something fun to do. But these cupcakes take a TON of ingredients to decorate, and most of the ingredients you only use a couple of each thing. So I definitely needed to decide which ones we were going to make first so I could get all the supplies.

Tate wanted either the werewolves or the sharks, Avery wanted either the princesses or the sleeping babies...so we went with snowmen, because that's appropriate in January and pleased neither of them.

They didn't turn out quite like the professional picture in the book, but that's what you get when a 4 year old is in charge of decorating the faces. So here we are...Dad, Mom, Tate, Avery, and Beckett...He was so proud...check out that frosting on his face! I'll be back tomorrow!


Carter's mom said...

Awwww CUTE! You are the bestest mom ever!

Spare Time Designs (Tammy) said...

ur hair looks really sexy!!! that book looks just as sexy =)....food can be sexy when you are preggo..i think???lol

Jess said...

It was at Mol's wedding in KC last spring. Yes, food IS sexy when you are pregnant and that's just fine. Its when you are 15 post pardom and its still sexy that its a problem...hello WW!

Jess said...

15 MONTHS post pardom, I meant