Monday, January 5, 2009

A New Year...A New Me...

As moms, we all wear many hats...some we put on ourselves, and some are put on us by others. As of midnight last night, I am officially back in business....I am completely excited about what this year may bring in all aspects of my, family, and otherwise. But I have decided that it is time to make a more conscious choice of the hats I'm putting on my well as the ones I'm sending out the door with the mailman! :)

So this brings me to the explanation of how things will be from here on out (or until I change my mind again...). After 6 months of business I knew I was in need of a few changes...because my husband told me so! Ha! No, in all seriousness...after months of discussion with pretty much everyone who is important in my life, I have decided to slow down a bit. The pace I was keeping before Christmas was unhealthy and I wasn't being the mom or wife that I want to be. So I took the month of December off thinking that would revive me and get me ready to start again, but it did the opposite. I was struggling with what to do...then one night when I actually had time to read all the blogs I used to read I saw this post by Jessica of Peas and Carrots. I obviously hadn't read in a while since she posted this in September! But after reading it, I knew that I felt the same way and had to make some serious changes...thanks Jess!

I really do think that this is a gift and talent that God has given me, so I do plan to continue, only on a more controlled and limited basis. Effective January 1st, I will be accepting no more custom orders through Etsy. My prices will also need to go up a bit, since my husband calculated that I was making 84 cents per hour (which I think is a little exaggerated, but probably not as off as I'd like to think it is). I have LOTS of new ideas and one of a kind pieces in the be checking my shop in coming weeks for those .

As I have gotten going, more of my own family, friends, and acquaintances right here in MN have wanted me to make things for their parties, and frankly it is more fun to make stuff for people I know than for people I don't. I do plan on continuing to do custom work (it really is my favorite thing to do) for my friends. I have already sent the basics of this blog to a few of my clients and they have been soooo supportive. Thanks to everyone for understanding.

2009 will see lots of changes in the Newman household...someone is turning 30 (hmm...any guesses?) oldest child will go to Kindergarten, my middle child will start Preschool, I will again put on my teacher hat and venture back out into the work force, which means my youngest child will attend daycare for the first time. I am hoping these changes I am making now will make all of our transitions easier...I'll never get these precious few days back and I would hate to look back and feel as though I wasted them.

Sooooooooooo much to blog about...stay tuned!


Rachel said...

I know this was a terribly difficult decision for you to make, so I'm proud of you for doing what you know in your heart is the best for you and your family...and your early signs of wrinkles...JUST KIDDING! :)

Spare Time Designs (Tammy) said...

Oh Jess, your a brave woman and very full of humility to see to the fact that wife and mom are first and that as much fun as some things are you just have to follow your heart. I am glad I am in the friend category that still benefits from the p&p creative flow! But I am more happy for your family- I am sure they all are going to enjoy YOU alot more! HUGS!!! Tam

Julie - On the Dot Creations said...

I think that most Etsy sellers who are also moms (particularly of young children) struggle with this issue, so it's nice to hear that someone is actually deciding to re-prioritize things. Best of luck to you as you begin what sounds like a busy year! :)

goldenshoptalk said...

Every time I read this post I tear up. I hope that anyone reading this can ever truly BEGIN to understand how difficult this decision is/was. If jess had it her way every child in America would have the perfect party filled with her amazing items! Jess would put everyone in front of herself, that is just the amazingly caring and wonderful person she is. I am so happy to call you my friend and Fetsy support system, Jess, and am so proud of the new Jess, version 2009.

Now don't you feel bad about your nasty post on my blog? LOL. Xoxo

BabyD said...

I know this was a hard choice for you, and I only hope it brings you a lot of peace and continued success!