Friday, May 15, 2009

A Family Birthday Banner

I have officially recovered from yesterday and returned to feeling as though the summer is manageable...that I can do my work and still have time to get out on the boat with my family every once in a while. It helps that my assistant (aka my sister) is moving in for the summer tomorrow!

A while back I made an Easter banner for my friend Judy. After we finished that project she said she would love to have a banner that they could use multiple times throughout the year for her kids' birthdays. I told her I could absolutely make something that would be fitting for all three (4) kids (2 girls and a boy + one more on the way). At first we were just going to do "happy birthday", but then I told her that I could make a separate ribbon of letters that she could replace at each kid's birthday.


The banner can be used for mom and dad's birthday without a name and for each kid's birthday with his or her own ribbon tied on. Practical AND it!


lisalyn said...

Everything you make is just adorable!! :)

Jessica said...

That is such a great idea. I made a Mickey Mouse head shaped Happy Birthday banner for my three year old and I did not do his name because I got tired of cutting all those letters with the cricuit. That is why your stuff is so great!

M. said...

Such a cute idea - and it's eco-friendly as well!

FYI - we gave a shout out to you a few weeks back on our are such an inspiration!!