Monday, May 11, 2009

Malin's Little Birdie...

The momma of this one year old did her research. When she emailed me she had carefully studied my blog and linked her favorite projects that I have done and stated what she liked about each one. Some she liked the colors, others the fonts, others the style of the invitations, etc. So after matching the design and the paper to her vision, here is the result of Malin's little birdie party, scheduled to take place this weekend...


It just so happens that Malin's dad's birthday is the same day, so we had to add his name to the banner and make him his very own crown too! I hope he likes pink! :)

I love doing orders for MN people. Not that I DON'T like doing orders for people in other states, but it somehow makes it more personal or real that I can imagine the neighborhood that they are celebrating in. Is that weird? Probably.

Back tomorrow with another happy customer!

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