Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hives setting in...if you're ordering soon please read...

Please scroll down to read my real blog post from today, but I just have to make a note...

A few of you have left comments in the past week or so, especially after my "Who are you anyway?" post that said you are going to be ordering soon. I would have replied back to email but I don't know your email addresses!

Today alone I got a month's worth of orders. A month. This is a good problem to have, I realize, but it also makes people who were planning on ordering upset when one day they see my ship date is July 11th and the next it is August 11th! I completely understand, but I have no control over how many people order in one day. I put people on my schedule ONLY when payment has cleared, and they will go in the order that I received payment. It is the only fair way I can think of to do it while still keeping my sanity.

I know that you are waiting to purchase so that you can decide what and how many you need. I get it. Because my schedule is becoming so packed, I am now offering a $50 retainer fee for the week that you would like your package to ship. ALL of this money will be credited toward your purchase, but your purchase then must be at least $50. This can be for any future parties that you would like to use my services for...heck...I will put you on my schedule for NEXT May if you like. If you would like to set up a week, I will send you a paypal invoice, just email me at

Thank you all for all of your support. I love what I do! Now excuse me while I go puke over and then celebrate a month's worth of orders. Ha!

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