Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Meet the Designer : Hair Candy Bows

First of all let me say that I don't think my ploy to find out who you were yesterday worked...of the 299 people who visited my blog yesterday I got 18 comments. Not exactly what I was looking for, but thanks to those who did. The funny part about it was that my page loads were through the roof, meaning that the same people kept coming back to check who had left comments and what they said...ha! To try to entice those of you who didn't leave a comment today, I am upping the gift certificate to $25. Remember to leave your comment on the original post or for those of you who said you don't know how to leave a comment or its too hard because you read my blog from a phone, you can always email me at polkadotsandpirates@gmail.com.

Now on to the important stuff! I found Lindsay from Hair Candy Bows on another blog I've been completely sucked into and asked her to design some bows to match the collections here at PD&P. She has been so wonderful to work with and the bows are amazing. Avery, who will NOT let me do her hair ever, puts in her headband with the bow on it all the time and refuses to take it off. We tried to get her to let little Ariana wear it for some of the pictures, but Avery was NOT having it.

So here is a little more from Lindsay of Hair Candy...

Her additions to the made to match collection:
1. Polkadot Bow
Crochet Headband
2. Circus Pony-O Streamer
3. Circus Bow
Circus Woven Headband
4. Polkadot Woven Headband
5. Polkadot Tuxedo Clip
6. Polkadot Bows
7. Circus Korker Clippies

Now more from Lindsay herself:
I live in Broken Arrow, OK, a suburb of Tulsa. Origianlly from Kentucky, I moved to Oklahoma to attend Bible School. I meet my husband, Matt at school and married in 2004.
I've always had a knack for crafty things but it was always just for fun. In 2005 I started making bows and decided that I might be able to make some money at it...and that was the beginning of my bow business!
People always assume that I have kids, girls in particular, but we don't have any kids! The start of the bow business came while I was working in an upscale children's boutique. The lady that made bows for the boutique quit right before Christmas. We had a store full of holiday dresses, but no matching bows. I remember thinking, "how hard can it be?" That was the start of a very frustrating couple of weeks!! I eventually taught myself how to make the perfect bow and began selling to the boutique store I was working in. After I saw what I could do, I tried the bows online and that is where the business took off. I now have over 46 stores that carry Hair Candy Bows and thousands of retail customers around the world. My largest account is with Parker School Uniform Company. If you have every bought woven headbands from Parker School Uniform Company for your little one, then you've purchased from me!
Thanks Lindsay for all your hard work! As you can see, for ANY occasion she has tons of fun products to finish off your little girl's outfit. Check her shop or her blog for all her fun stuff!

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