Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sydney's 7th Birthday

Okay...looks like my internet likes me again for now. So here we go with what I've been up to during the time it hated me!

This is definitely in my top 5 for biggest projects I've worked on. Sydney is Grace's big sister...just as cute as Grace but she's in school so we haven't been able to use her as much for pics...ha!

Sydney is having her family party this Saturday and a friend party in a couple weeks, so I tried to make everything so that it would work for both parties.


We started out with Sydney wanting a rock star party and Darcie NOT wanting one...anyone else been there? I have! But then they decided to have Sydney's friend birthday at the pool and the rock star theme didn't fit so well, so I shopped for new paper and we changed it to just fun bright colors with not so much of a theme. I hope that 7 year old (going on 20 :) Sydney loves it and that her mom does too!

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