Tuesday, March 10, 2009

3 X the fun!

In early January I started talking to a mom of triplets about their birthday party, which will be this weekend. She was telling me how her boys had each been assigned a color at birth to help identify them. My boys collection matched pretty well with the colors, but it needed a little yellow. I had the matching yellow paper to my line and so I made her order...and let me tell you that this is going to be quite the celebration!

Jamie wanted me to put all three boys names on the banner. She said I could do it how I wanted but her only request was that I put the names in birth order: Jacob (aka BLUE), Benjamin (aka YELLOW), and Zachary (aka GREEN). So here is how a banner for triplets (and triplets with pretty long names, no less!) looks:
I am going to save the rest of the decor for later...most of it is similar to the regular PDCfB. Their crowns turned out pretty cute with their personal color coding, but she had *golden* make bibs to match them, so I am going to hold out for a pic from the party to show them to you so you can get the whole picture!


Carter's mom said...

It turned out VERY cute, I am looking forward to seeing the bib Rach made too!

About Me said...

OMG!! I am going to have triplets now just so I ca have that banner! I LOVE the way the small circles all close together look! I have to think of a banner that needs a lot of words so it will look just like it! HEE HEE!! And YES, I will have to send you a pic of the three bibs! I am glad someone here has their act together! :) SO cute, as always!