Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ava & Annabelle

I sent these out right before I left for LA and I completely forgot to blog about them. They were for my sister's friend Heidi for her two little girls. Heidi wanted me to completely design them myself, but gave me a few ideas about each little girl. She plans to use them from year to year on the girls birthdays.

First is Ava, who turned two right around Valentine's Day. Heidi said that it would be fun to be Valentine-ish colors, but without being Valentine themed. She said that cute little Ava loved puppies and balloons. Then this month baby Annabelle is turning one. All Heidi said is that she wanted bright fun colors. Annabelle's birthday will be a real celebration because she arrived very early and the first few months were rough. You would never know looking at her now!
Happy Birthday, Ava and Annabelle!

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