Monday, March 30, 2009

Egg Hunting

On Saturday we headed over to our good friends' house who were holding their annual Easter Egg Hunt. They have the most beautiful and perfect yard for this sort of thing. There were quite a few kids, but they hid 780 eggs! That is some serious egg hunting.

Judy had enlisted me a couple months ago to make some festive decor for the event to help spruce up the brown grass (that's MN for you, but last year it was we'll take the brown grass!) and some table signs for the snack table and the egg return.


All the kids had a great time, particularly Beckett this year. He didn't go for the nice eggs conveniently laid out for the little kids. He went straight for the bushes and has several scratches on his face to prove it. It was quite funny to watch, actually.

Thanks, Attersons! We had a great time!

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