Friday, January 23, 2009

New for the PDCfG!

Now that I have added the POLKADOT COLLECTION for BOYS, we distinguish around here by PDCfG (POLKADOT COLLECTION for GIRLS) and PDCfB (for BOYS). I am actually working on becoming the acronym queen which drives my husband cuckoo. He HATES them. He actually gets so mad that he yells "OBGYN" every time I use one, because that's the only acronym he knows that he thinks will embarrass me. What a nerd!

So anyway, along with the new collection came a bunch of things that people had asked for along the way that I decided to work into the PDCfB. But that meant that I better design the same things for the girls line, too! So here they are...
**Tutu****Custom Invitations****Custom Thank Yous****High Chair Bunting**
(bib found at Golden)**Smash Cake Topper****Favor Bag Toppers****Cake Plate Ribbons**

There are a few more things for each collection on its way...and I'm ALWAYS open to more suggestions of things you'd like to see, so shoot them my way! All of the things listed here are now available in my shop.

Sorry this blog is a day late...there are some AMAZINGLY exciting things on the horizon here at PD&P...hoping to be able to share news soon. :) Have a great back Monday!


Carter's mom said...

Loving all the new and exciting items, keep up the great work!

Rach said...

Beautiful!! I love our new "love-child". You DO know PDP+G=Genius.