Sunday, August 17, 2008

Batter up!

My nephew Jackson can really get around quickly. If he becomes a baseball player (his daddy would say when he becomes a baseball player!) he'll really have "wheels" to run those bases. This year for his 2nd birthday, they decided to have a baseball themed party.

Rachel and Brad had Jack's pictures taken in the shirt he was going to wear at the party (yes, of course she bought it on Etsy!). So I came up with some clever wording for their photographer to use for her invitations playing with the whole baseball theme. Katharine did such a good job I have to show you how it turned out:

Isn't he cute? Man I love that kid.

We were hosting the party here at Wrigley's Field...(aka our backyard...named after our yellow lab, Wrigley) and asked everyone to wear baseball attire. I found blue, black, and red vintage baseball papers for all his partyware and used a font called "allstar" that matched his shirt perfectly, too. Usually I show you pictures of the stuff hanging on my "workshop" wall or sitting on my ledge...but this one I can actually show you getting used! Its really fun to make things that I can see in action at the party.

Here is Jacks with his cake and his cousins (3 of 4 of those are my little baserunners!)

Here Beckett and I waiting for the cake to be cut...yes this 10 month old put down a whole piece himself!

And some more of the party decor:

This one is of me and my sisters...I had to include it because this weekend we all went with my sister Kara (far right) to chop her hair off to her shoulders. It has been long like this since she was in 8th grade. Look how long it was, Kip! Click here if you want to see a pic of her new cute 'do.

It was a wonderfully fun party and all went well...Jacks definitely needed a nap by the time it was over. To thank everyone, Rachel had these thank yous made by Sara of Less Ordinary Designs.

Happy Golden Birthday, JP! Love you!


Julie - On the Dot Creations said...

Wow! That party looked like such fun! My little boy would love that baseball theme!

Happy Monday!

MaryJanes and Galoshes said...

That cake is so cute! Love all the ideas.