Sunday, August 24, 2008

Little Man Marco

I have been working on three baby showers in the past week, which has been so fun. This one was for one of my sister's friends (last name Marco) who just found out she is having a little boy. The parents, Gina and Tim had picked out this cute bedding ensemble from Land of Nod and her friends were planning on giving it to her for her shower:
So my sister thought the banner should match the quilt, too, so after the shower they could hang it in the room until the baby was born. Here is Gina at her shower:

The girls had all gone to Milwaukee to stay with Gina for the weekend to attend the shower. After the shower they were all hanging out at Gina's house with nothing to do and decided to paint the baby's room for Gina and Tim (lucky man, that Tim is!). Here's how the banner looks with the quilt and the new paint color (and Gina's matching plaid shorts!):

I had to make the door sign to match the room, too. The colors had all turned out so perfect with the quilt, we just couldn't resist! I love that though it was a baby shower, we didn't use the normal baby blues and greens. When the baby is born Gina can also take the "due" off the banner and change the date to the baby's birthday so she can leave it up if she'd like.

Little Man Marco will come home with his great parents to a great looking room. That's one lucky kiddo!

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Gina Marco said...

Jess, You did such an amazing job on the decorations! I loved it, this is stuff, I will keep forever!

Congrats on all your success!