Thursday, August 14, 2008

Big Top Birthday

I love, love, love how this one turned out! This mom was looking for bold brights in a circus animals theme. She sent me the pics she had downloaded from istock to make her invites with, and I said why not use them for her birthdayware, too! Then we found a circus font that we both liked and got to work on the banner, hats, and crown:

I already have a request for this paper without the animals or circus theme, which would be cute, too!


Sara Luke said...

Amazing! I love your work! I have your etsy shop listed as a favorite.

Oh, and your sister referred me to your site.

MommyVega said...

my son's 1yr is in April and I'm doing a circus theme as well. Wondering if you could make this collection for me but with some changes. I probably will start getting everything ready in March. Just wanted to see if you could fit me in that month. Thanks Tanya