Monday, August 11, 2008

Cupcakes, Cupcakes, Cupcakes!

Over the past month I have done a bunch of custom cupcake and cake toppers. Some of them have been just a spin on my originals and some have been a total departure from my norm.

This client already had a banner and wanted a cupcake and cake topper for her niece Chloe's 1st birthday in orange, pink, and yellow. She creatively used the cake topper in cupcakes, too!

This client needed something pink and green for little Amelia's 1st birthday:

Through Etsy's Alchemy process I made these cupcake toppers for Seth and Nicole's wedding. Their whole wedding is vintage carnival themed in red (the color of her dress), turqoise, and cream. She sent me their wedding website to get a feel of what they were going is quite should really check it out! She had already purchased some circus "inchies" from another etsy seller and wanted me to turn them into cupcake toppers. Here they are:

Then, when I was almost finished with them, Nicole wanted me to somehow cover the wrapper of the cupcake to make them a bit more finished looking...and after remembering some 9th grade geometry and relearning to use a compass, I figured out just the right angles and made these cupcake wrappers:

And once we had that done, she decided to buy some more inchies and have the appetizer picks match, too! I can't wait to see her wedding pictures.

And on a side note...all of these cupcake toppers were so fun to work 2 1/2 year old daughter has been having some sleep issues as of late and sneaks downstairs after her brothers are sleeping to "help Mom make 'toppers' ". How can I make her go to bed when she says, "You makin' toppers again, Mom? I wanna make toppers, too!" My poor middle child is seeking a little attention and I'm happy to indulge her a bit...but rest assured that her "helping" is sitting in the chair next to me and holding the roll of adhesive!

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Spare Time Designs (Tammy) said...

wow you are a busy women! Great work they look so cute!