Friday, August 29, 2008

A Little Ladybug

I just put this one in the mail today! Little Emma is turning 2 and is having a ladybug themed party in pink, red, and black. Here is how the banner turned out:

As a little red dot was laying on the floor, I couldn't help making some little ladybugs to embellish it a bit:

Earlier today, I was emailing with Bridgett from b|e creative stationery, who I worked with on this airplane project earlier this summer because I am doing that same airplane theme for another customer. I thought she should make those adorable invitations that were the inspiration for the airplane banner the last time. As I was glancing through her shop and found these favor tags:

After talking to her I'm pretty sure they're for the same little Emma, though we haven't confirmed that with Emma's mom yet. But pretty cute, don't you think?! Bridgett asked if I have favor tags in my shop (and I do) or if I wanted to collaborate with her for future projects. Honestly I LOVE that there are so many awesome sellers out there with fab products...even if they make the same kinds of things as I do, so I'm going to give b|e another plug. Today (8.29.08), in honor of Bridgett turning 29 on the 29th, she's having a huge sale:

Just click on "sale" and it will take you to her shop.

Have a good holiday weekend...I probably won't post again until Monday night!

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xnos said...

when i see your blog, i quite like your 0829 advestiment because my birthday is on that day also.
quite funny!!
have a nice day.^^