Sunday, August 3, 2008

Going bonkers...and on vacation!

Whew! It is Saturday night (technically Sunday morning) and I am happy to say I made it through the week! I was racing to get my orders finished, my husband's grandma is in the hospital, I hosted my nephew's second birthday party here today, and I was trying to prepare and pack for our vacation. Sorry if I was not as quick to respond to convos or emails as I should have been...I was trying to get as much done as possible. All is well: the party was great (pictures coming soon!), most of my orders are in the mail, Grandma is hopefully on the mend, and everyone is packed except for me (and who cares what Mom wears anyway?!).

Here is a pic Eric snapped of me one night this week as I tried to reach my goal of getting 28 hats done in one night:

Not very attractive, I know...this was the day my parents took my kids to their farm so I literally only showered and put on clean glamor in my basement workshop!

My intent was to blog every day this week but it was more important to get those orders out, so check back on the 11th after I return...I have lots to show you!

P.S. I had a blog header made instead of using my Etsy banner...and I stupidly tried to upload it tonight and can't get it will have to look silly like that until I return! : )

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