Friday, April 17, 2009

Little Miss Avery...I mean Emma!

When I made the invitations for Avery's birthday party that was featured earlier in the week, I SWORE that I was not going to duplicate them because making that image of her took me weeks. I really thought it looked like her by the time I got done, but it was hours and hours of work.

So when someone local contacted me and wanted me to make invitations for her daughter's party that were similar to Avery's I wasn't sure what to say. But she assured me that her daughter looks very similar to Ave, just blue eyes instead of brown. I actually didn't even want to see a pic of her before hand in case that made me want to work on it more...isn't that horrible?!

They are using a modern garden theme so she needed the colors green, pink, and purple.


They went out in the mail today, Kim!

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