Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Meet the Designer : Persnickety Me

I "met" Abby Watson from Persnickety Me last spring. I had a baby boom going on over here and wanted a fun and unique gift to give. My favorite baby item is a pair of Babylegs (more on them in a few days) so I thought an initial tshirt would be a perfect gift to go along with them. My sister and I are trying to keep Abby in business and have established her shirt and Babylegs as our signature baby gift!

So naturally when I decided to enlist some people to design the Made to Match collection, I thought of Abby right away. So here you go...Abby of Persnickety Me!

First her items in the Made to Match Collection...
5. CIRCUS TEE -Initial
6. CIRCUS TEE - Big Top
7. CIRCUS TEE - Ring Leader

Now a little bit from Abby herself...
I'm Abby Watson (not Abigail...just Abby). I'm a wife (7 years & counting!), a mom, and a crafter. We live in Las Vegas (no I'm not also a showgirl, and no...we do not live on the strip!) I have a 20 month old daughter, Avery, who inspires most of what I create. I grew up in Northern California on a small farm, but my husband was actually born & raised in Vegas which is quite rare.
I live to plan...a vacation, event, project...I love looking forward to something good. I work best under pressure....I'm good with deadlines. I don't miss my corporate job for a single second...I love being a full time mom & etsy shop keeper. Finally...& most importantly...I'm a major cookie addict!

I started my Etsy shop 5 months after my daughter was born. I've always enjoyed making handmade gifts for friends and family & people have told me forever that I should sell my "stuff". After Avery was born & I was lucky enough to stay home with her, I decided this was the perfect during naps...dream up new ideas during midnight that's how I started. My shop has changed little by little during the year & a half I've been open & I hope that they will continue to evolve and grow, especially during our current economy.
1. I really had a fun time making this mohawk beanie for my friend's son...but the best came when he opened the gift & he LOVED can't ask for much more than a 4-year-old falling head over heels for a handmade gift.

2. I've been working on this project FOREVER...I'm designing a gnome doll & pattern (both to sell in my shop)'s been a slow process, but I have to make it just right...that's the Persnickety Me in ME!

3. My all time favorite, most thought out, highly planned, continually evolving project is...of darling girl. She melts my heart in ways I cannot put into words, she's the most rewarding, frustrating, hilarious, witty, & demanding project I've ever worked on!

You can visit Persnickety Me for any of the items from the Made To Match Collection or for tons of other fun and unique gifts for that little person in your life! Thank you for all your hard work, Abby!

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*golden* shop said...

Abby!! Your sweet words about your little girl gave me chills! She is a cutie! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the gnome doll!! SO COOL!! Great job!