Thursday, July 2, 2009

How perfect is this?

It is no secret to anyone who knows me that I kind of adore Em Tanner and all of her designs. She even has my kids on her site (wanna see?) But just recently she came up with a line called "Me 2 a Tee" in which you can make a character look just like you right down to the accessories! She has one product that I thought all of you just might adore as much as I do...


Perfect for a bday or what?

I just may have this shirt sitting here waiting for Ave's flower bday party (in December!)


(Never hurts to order early, you know. :)

And if that isn't are a few of my other gift giving or bday faves from EmT!


1. My new FAV gift to give Me 2 a Tee! Water Bottle
(my friend Kelley just told me that this was her 5 year old's favorite gift from his party!)
2. Ahoy MA-TEE! Tshirt (wish this one had been available before T's pirate party)
3. How cute is this Me 2 a Tee! Lunchbox?
4. So many options to personalize your Me 2 a Tee! Tshirt...need one for your princess?
5. Show everyone her age with the Quirky Circle Clip
6. Or how about just an initial she can wear everyday? Ave may need a Scalloped Quirky Circle Clip to match her tshirt!

I was going to link all these, but really, its more fun to just click around on Em's site. There is waaaay more than I could ever show you here.

Looking for the perfect gift to give yourself?? After I bought this for myself for Mother's Day, a bunch of my friends wanted one for themselves, too! It has been a lifesaver with schedules (now that my 30 year old brain doesn't work as well) and spices up the kitchen, too!


Funky Bubbles Calendar

If you want to become Em's Fan on Facebook, she has a coupon code she listed this morning. Plus, this girl will crack you up with her updates. While you're on there, become a fan of Polkadots & Pirates, too! I know there is also an EmT coupon on Tot Trends Weekly, another great site you should check out. Happy shopping!


heidi said...

Jozlyn neeeeeeds all of this stuff, like right now! AHH! Thanks so much for sharing.

Amy said...

I have so added this to my favorites list! I LOVE things like this for gifts. So happy you blogged about this.

Susan Crabtree said...

love all the personalized items-so cute!