Monday, July 20, 2009

Ryan's First Year

About the same time I was working on the picture banner for my little sister's graduation, I was asked to make a picture banner that matched my Polkadot Collection for little Ryan, who is having his first birthday party this weekend.

His mom sent me pictures from when he was three days old all the way to his 11 month picture, and plans to add the 12 month picture herself.

Ryan's mom knew she wanted something like this for his birthday, so she took a pic of him in a diaper each month sitting on the same chair with the same stuffed animal so you can really see how he changed over the months...such a great idea!

I really love these banners and plan to add them as a regular item to my list!


Jodee Leader said...

This turned out soooo cute! What a great idea too!

michelle said...

Fabulous! I just love the photo banners.

Sue said...

Everything came out great Jess! I can't wait to see everything together, I'll be sure to send pictures!

Mandy said...

I LOVE that banner!!
What a CUTE idea!!