Saturday, October 4, 2008

Cupcakes and Lollipops

A few weeks ago I showed you the invitations that I made for little Ava for her first birthday. Her mom sent me these lollipops that she was using at the party for some inspiration:
She's actually going to stick them into the cupcakes as decorations, so we decided to make that the main illustration on all the partyware. I drew up a cupcake and some lollipops and got going! Now I've finished the rest of Ava's here it is!

Just a reminder of the invitations:Then for the new decor...the banner,
the door sign,
sticker for her favors (they're round even though its hard to tell from this pic),
the napkin rings,
and the confetti.
From my stat counter I find that not as many of you read this during the weekend, so I'll be back Monday with more!


Carter's mom said...

Those are SO cute, all of it. Ava's mom is the one that told me about your site, and I stalk it pretty regularly :)

Hugs, Sara

Rachel said...

It's Tuesday already - waiting for the new post :)