Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Welcome to the Bahamas!

Remember how I told you my sister keeps me in business? Well, as I was paper shopping the other day I got a call from Rachel asking me to help her pick out a style of digital picture card from Etsy so that her friend Darcy (the one that I did this bachelorette party for a couple months ago) could have welcome cards to lay on each person's bed in their hotel at their destination wedding. I said, "Why don't I make something up?" Have I ever told you I apparently like overloading my plate? I get some sick high off of it. Anyway...I told her she better tell me right then so I could get the paper for it since she needed them in just a few days.

She told me the colors for this Bahamas wedding were purple, orange, turqoise, and yellow. So I got some paper and made some cards up. We didn't even tell Darcy until afterwards because we knew she'd feel bad that I had done it on such short notice. Let's just say she was a bit stressed getting last minute details ready for the wedding while trying to hold parent-teacher conferences at school where she teaches 5th graders! Let me just say...been there, done that, and I'm glad I could help!
Thank God she loved them...they're probably sitting on those beds right now since all the guests are leaving MN early tomorrow morning! Congrats, Darcy and Joel!

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Julie - On the Dot Creations said...

Fabulous! Your creativity makes me sick, Jess! (not really, but I AM jealous! :)

Happy Thursday!