Monday, October 13, 2008

Need a good laugh?

Okay...this has absolutely nothing to do with partyware, but it is just too funny not to tell. So happy Monday, people!

First, I am going to show you a pic taken last year of my husband and'll see why in a minute, but after reading the rest of this entry you be the judge:On Thursday Tate and I walked to the mailbox and when he got there he kept yelling that he wanted to get the mail. I kind of sighed, because I know what usually happens, but I said yes anyway...only to have him drop the entire pile about two steps later as I thought he would. No big deal, though, we just started to pick up the pile.

Tate picked up the TV GUIDE magazine and a bunch of those annoying post card type things fell out. He started to grab them and when he picked one of them up he said "Hey, this looks like Dad!" Now let me pause here for a moment to say that my husband currently was growing facial hair as a requirement for a bachelor party...don't EVEN get me started! Anyway, I was anxious to see who it was. This is the card Tate showed me:
I started laughing and said..."OOO...Patrick Dempsey....Daddy will like that!" So we kept picking up the mail. Then he said..."and Mom, this looks like you!" as he was picking up another envelope. Guess who it was?
Are you kidding me? I googled her and she was born in 1941, which means she is 67 YEARS OLD!!!! Eric gets McDreamy...I get Martha Stewart. Hardly fair. My friend Kelley now insists on calling us Patrick and Martha.

I HAVE always looked good in stripes...


Julie - On the Dot Creations said...

I must admit that I do see a slight resemblance of you and your husband. Hey, I'd be thrilled if someone compared me to Martha Stewart ~~ even if she was 90! :)

Happy Monday (if that's possible).

Spare Time Designs (Tammy) said...

omg!!that is the best laugh I had in awhile.....your pretty crafty just kidding. that was a good one tate!

Carter's mom said...

Don't you LOVE kids? That is TOO funny.

Glad you could make me smile and it's only Tuesday.

:) Sara