Thursday, October 23, 2008

Party time again!

Okay...back to the ever going party which is my life! But first I want to say thank you to all of those who left comments, sent an email, or just said a prayer on my or MaryKay family's behalf. The wake is tonight and funeral tomorrow, so I know it is going to be a hard couple of days, but I am hoping since I got some of my moping done I can celebrate what a wonderful woman MK was and how that can make all of our lives better.

So anyway...back to the party...

I love the colors hot pink and orange together. So much so that I found an outfit for Avery's birthday that is hot pink, orange, and purple and have had it since the beginning of May. That's not weird since her birthday's not until December, right? :)

Apparently the pink and orange combo is the new "in" thing! I am currently working on 4 projects with that same color scheme! So needless to say you'll be seeing a bunch of papers used a few times, but all in a little different way.

This mom was planning her daughter's first birthday to look like this picture from Hostess With The Mostess:
She also had a few other items already bought such as these invitations from tiny*prints:and a picture frame, so she picked a font that matched what she used for those. It was fun, because she made her order right after Beckett's birthday and ordered some things that she obviously saw on my blog entry that aren't regular things in my shop. For instance, she ordered a high chair bunting (coming to the PD COLLECTION soon!) and matching ribbons to tie on her cake plate.

She didn't really have a "theme" per say, so when I was making a couple of the items I needed a little inspiration. This mom had seen Rachel from Golden Shop's stuff on this blog, too, so she had ordered a bib and a hat from her. I asked Rach what they had used for the bib, and she sent me this pic:
This wasn't Kate's ACTUAL bib, they changed it a bit with fabrics and design, but was the example they used to create it. So I drew a cupcake with flower frosting to add in a couple of places. Here is how Kate's stuff turned out:
The Banner
Somehow when I put this banner together, two backing circles got switched around in "birthday", but it is now fixed so that the two different hot pink polka dots are not right next to another circle just like them! Can I play the lack of sleep card?!?
The High Chair Bunting and Confetti
The Napkin Rings and Favor Tags
The Door Sign and Cake Plate Ribbons
More hot pink and orange tomorrow!


The Green Family said...

OMG!!! I am just dying to have another birthday party (sigh), you are so good!!

Carter's mom said...

I love the colors, great job!!!!!!

I need to have a girl!

:) Sara

Sarah Porter said...
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Life at the White House said...

great job! i love all of this and am just waiting for the right party to place an order!