Sunday, October 12, 2008

Calling all volleyball "fans"!

A couple weeks ago I made these fans requested by my client Shelley for her daughter's first birthday party. I thought they turned out so cute (and Shelley said people loved them, too) that it got me thinking.

If you're a regular follower, you've heard a bunch about my sis Kasey this fall. She is a senior in high school and her volleyball "Parents Night" (does everyone have those, or just small town MN?) was coming up. They honor the parents by calling them down to the court to stand with their daughter at the beginning of the game. The kids usually give their parents flowers, balloons, or candy. But I thought I could make something a little different this year. While I was laying in bed one night, the whole play on words with the fans popped into my head!

So Miss A, the long standing VB coach, always has some sort of theme and makes the players dress in some crazy garb to take a picture for the invitation to parents night. This year the theme was some sort of 50s thing. I had Kasey send me the pics of each of her teammates wearing their 50s blonde wig and holding their hot pink dice. These girls cracked me up with some of their poses! I popped in each girls' name and picture and made two fans each.

So here are the fans for the girls' biggest fans!
Wish I could have been there, Kas!


Carter's mom said...

You win the awesome big sis award, I SO look forward to your blog updates Jess!

One of YOUR fans :)

The Green Family said...

SOOOO cute!! Hope they were a hit, they sure were for Harper's party!