Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Use your banner again!

If your anything like me...its a good thought that you'll use your banner again next year...but then you come up with different colors, a different theme, or some reason that you need a new one.

So here in lies my problem. I calculated that if from now until the time my kids were all graduated and left my house I could have 54 banners laying around at my house. I do NOT need 54 banners. So a couple weeks ago after Beck's birthday I decided to try something.

I figured that since the banner had basically not been technically used any more than any other banner that I send out I was going to sell it for half price in my shop. I figured it was a win/win...I got rid of the banner and someone got a great deal on one! Apparently it wasn't a half bad idea, because it sold in 1 day! So here is what Beckett's banner looked like when WE used it:And here is how it looks after I repurposed it for Evan's first birthday:So if you're looking for a good deal on a banner, watch for a hot pink, orange, and purple banner in early January after Avery's birthday!

Now I know you're thinking...that doesn't help me reuse my banner. I know, I know. But here's what I did for my nephew. My sister wanted to use the banner I made for Jack's birthday to hang in his room. This was Jack's baseball banner at his party:
I reprinted the letters in Jack's name in a new font and took off the extra circles and here is Jack's new banner to hang above his new big boy bed:
I can easily reprint and cut you letters to repurpose your own banner...you can change the entire saying or just change the name and age to use it for another person's party. Contact me if you're interested!


Spare Time Designs (Tammy) said...

sent you a question on etsy, let me know what you think.

Annie said...

That story is a keeper!!! Too funny. Martha is all that bad ;)

Now for fun you have to go try this and see what comes up: