Friday, October 10, 2008

Trick or Treat!

Well...since this stuff was cut on September 6th, it was WAY OVERDUE in getting done and listed...but I have been so dang busy with orders that I feel too guilty to work on something that no one has bought yet. But if I didn't do it now, then Halloween will be over and this paper will still be sitting here.

The pics are no where close to as nice as the ones my friend Darcie took of my first collection, but they will frankly just have to do. Imagine taking them with a one year old hanging from my right ankle and my other two hanging from my left and asking for the 3 billionth time when they can EAT the cupcakes forgive me for bad lighting and less than perfect angles.

But now (finally) available in my shop,

The Trick or Treat Collection

Pieces can be bought separately or together in a package.

Now just to find the time to finish up those costumes...


Carter's mom said...

Well Jess those cupcakes DO look yummy, can you blame the kids?

VERY cute stuff!

:) Sara

goldenshoptalk said...

HOW DID I MISS THIS??!! I guess I haven't been checking your blog and shop! BAD BS'er, Bad! I LOVE this new set! The colors are amazing and I especially love the door hanging!! Great job, AS ALWAYS! :)