Thursday, October 2, 2008

4th Time's a Charm...

I know its been a few days...all I can say is that things have been so crazy busy that I honestly didn't have a second to post anything! After recovering from Beckett's party on Sunday and getting back to work, the kids and I left Monday afternoon for a trip to my parents' house where we watched my sister Kasey as she was crowned homecoming queen! We're so happy for her...she's had kind of a tough fall with knee surgery and such. She is SO deserving.

Here is a pic of my sisters and I...we've all been up for queen, but Kas is the first to win. 4th times a charm!

This is my cousin Tyler...who was crowned King that night, too! Yes, we're from a small town, but this is VERY UNUSUAL, even in a town of 1200! He is my godchild, too...I always take a picture kissing his cheek. He asked me the other night when I was going to stop doing that. I asked him when he was going to stop acting like he didn't like it!! :)

We also got to attend Kasey's "Senior Spotlight Night" at her volleyball game on Tuesday. Even though she can't play she continues to support the team by going to every practice and every game. The kids had so much fun cheering them on!

Okay...I better include some party is my 3rd run at a circus theme, and I have another on the way! These are the invitations that Maddox's mom gave me to match the banner and confetti to:

I love the turqoise, chocolate, and red together. And here they are:


Julie - On the Dot Creations said...

Your sister is beautiful, Jess! And she looks like such a sweet person.

By the way, I do believe that I spy polka dots on the sweater you were wearing -- fun! :)

goldenshoptalk said...

All you girls are so gorgeous!! You must have shook that town upside down! :) LOVING the circus banner and the updates! :) Can you do my blog for me? :)