Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Finally a teen birthday!

Alright, here is the post I was going to post this morning, but got sidetracked with my HWTM feature. Just an update on that...I already have an order for the circus banner and 20 hats along with a few other items...I'm thinking of making it a collection for my shop if I can just find the time! The circus theme seems to be popular, so hopefully I can get it together!

So, although I love doing 1st birthdays, I have been dying to do some products for someone older. Something more sophisticated. So much so that I had already purchased paper for my sister Kasey's 18th birthday. That ended up being a good thing, because I had a last minute request to make some products for an 11 year old's birthday.

Kendra's mom said she wanted to make sure it wasn't babyish since Kendra was in that "tween" phase...she said maybe zebra or something. My mind immediately went to the hot pink and zebra paper that I bought for Kasey's birthday which is coming up in December. I told her I knew exactly what I'd use. She had to leave the font and design details up to me since she needed it on the fly, but she said she trusted me, so hopefully Kendra loved the outcome!

Here are the banner and cupcake toppers she ordered:
So there you go, Kas...a bit of a sneak peak of what your birthday will look like! :)

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Julie - On the Dot Creations said...

Oh yeah! I LOVE that zebra print! So sophisticated and fun! :)