Sunday, September 28, 2008

Our Little Monkey Turns 1!

It was a big weekend in the Newman household! Beckett, our youngest (and final, according to my husband) child turned one. We had a wonderful day on Saturday celebrating with family and friends. The party started at 3 and our last guests left at I'm hoping everyone else had a good time, too!

Now usually when I blog about a party, I give you the inspiration the client sent me for the party to show you where I started. The inspiration for Beckett's monkey party came from 2 places. First of all, he sleeps with a monkey that his aunt Kasey gave him when he was a baby. He loves to cuddle him to fall asleep. Secondly, we call him "our little monkey" because he's always climbing and crawling around on everything, trying to give me premature gray hair!

So after doing a little looking for a good monkey to use, I found one that looked a lot like the monkey he sleeps with, only it was wearing a party hat...perfect! The color combo I used are just colors I love, so I changed the monkey that I found so that his hat matched the decor.

As far as party pictures, there were far too many to choose just a few, so here are 33 of my favorites. I tried to include mostly pics that included decor (since that IS what this blog is for), but couldn't resist putting a few others in, too...hope you don't mind! All you other mothers will understand that in spite of my best intentions, I took very few photos at this party. Thank God my sisters and Mom were there to step up to the plate! Thanks, ladies!

I made everything you see except the bib, which came from my friend Rachel at Golden Shop...isn't she talented?! A PERFECT match. It was "the icing on the cake" as they say!

During the process of making Beckett's party items, a client requested monkey items, too. So, I changed the hat color again and made Coen's blue and brown monkey items. Click here to see how they turned out!

Thanks to everyone for being patient last week as I prepared for the party. It was a whirlwind but a good time. Now it's back to work...right after I clean up the party hangover which we call our family room!

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