Monday, September 8, 2008

Darcy's Last Night Out

So, I'm pretty sure my sister could keep me in business with as many parties as she has going on! I already showed you her son's birthday and a baby shower she threw, and today I'll show you another one of her parties. She is a paying customer so I say keep 'em coming!

This time it was a bachelorette party for her friend Darcy. Darcy is a totally fUn and cRaZy Rachel really wanted the colors to be fun. All of the guests were to wear black and Darcy was going to be in green. I just went through the two hundred and some (yes, that's what I said, 200+) pictures that my sister took of the night and it looks like it was pretty fun and wild time! Here are a few pics of Darcy with the things I made her:

Thank you, girls, for making her point at the signs...I'm sure no one would have known that I made them when I made this post if you hadn't! Ha! Love you, Rach and Darcy!

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