Sunday, September 21, 2008

Addie's Sweet Shoppe & Lollipops

It's been a busy weekend for our family, which is the reason for no post in the last couple days. The weather has been beautiful and so we've been taking in a lot of outdoor activities. Yesterday we attended my niece's birthday party. Do you remember these invitations that I made last month? These were the only actual things I made for the party, but it turned out too cute not to share...especially for people looking for a cute theme for a party!

My sister-in-law had everything decorated SO CUTE!! Their living room was decorated like an old time candy shop. There was literally candy EVERYWHERE! Here are some pics...

The candy decor...
Avery couldn't resist eating the decorations...right down to the sour skittles in the vase. Yep, that's my girl!
We gave Addie this outfit to wear for her birthday...

The monogrammed shirt is from my friend Abby at Persnickety Me...I have been buying shirts from her for quite some time and they always turn out fabulous. They are such a fun gift and I always choose a pair of Babylegs to go with them...they're my absolute fav! I made the tutu myself to match the colors of her party.

You know I can't resist a good theme!
Everyone needs a cousins picture at a birthday party!
I love this picture...she's waving like a beauty queen and Tate was obviously just eating some sour candy!
This picture is exactly why Beckett is having a MONKEY party on Saturday...
Back with more tomorrow...I'm getting behind with posts of the customs I have to show you!

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