Thursday, September 18, 2008

A banner for Princess Kylie!

This all started about a month ago when I was involved in a giveaway on On the Dot Creations. And by "this" I mean a daily go between with Rachel from Golden Shop on Etsy. She was the giveaway right after mine and was giving away the cutest bib. So that got me thinking about her making one for Beckett's upcoming birthday. So I convoed her...a few times that day and a few times a day every day since! She keeps the same crazy hours as me so we provide a little comic relief for each other at 2 am! We also figured out we've worked with a few of the same clients over the last few months. You will definitely be seeing more of her in some upcoming "projects" we have planned.

Her daughter's birthday was coming up, too, and if you want to talk about over the top birthday parties, this was it! She had a Disneyland theme with all hot pink and purple decorations. She had hand painted signs, 10 "rides" and decor galore. I thought of buying a ticket to California just to attend.

Rachel asked me if I'd make a sign to use for the jumping castle. It was so fun because she sent me a picture of the fabrics and said to just do it...she was swamped with the rest of the details of the party, so she let me go crazy.

Here are the pictures of the fabric and her favor stickers that she sent me for inspiration:

Although it was a Disney theme, she was going more for the princess and castle look than the actual Disney characters. So here is what I came up with in action at Kylie's party:Kylie is even crawling in there on that one! Look at that cute dress!

She plans to hang it above Kylie's bed now that the party is over.

Visit Rachel's Blog to see more of Kylie's party and her Etsy shop to see her awesome work. If you have a baby turning one (or any kid for that matter) it is a must see! I'll be back with more from her soon, too.


Carter's mom said...

You girls are so fun, I am trying to stay up late at night getting excited about your ideas!

I love the banner you did for Kylie's Birthday and the colors were GREAT!

Keep up the great work.

:) Sara

Shealynn Benner said...

Hey Jess!!

I just wanted to stop in and say Thak you for entering the giveaway at The Vintage Pearl for one of my camera strap covers. Thank you for your input. And, just to let you know, I have added some midwest modern fabrics, and more to my line of strap covers!! If you want to take a look, here is the link to my shop:

Thanks again for the input!